5 March 2022

How LinkedIn can revolutionise job searching

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Emsal Ali

Emsal Ali

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As an ambitious Durham student, I have learnt that networking is essential to job searching whether for placements or as a graduate. I have written a piece on networking within the university setting which you should read to maximise your potential at university before looking at expanding your network online. Immediately, being at Durham, one understands the significance of networking to gain a spring week too, read How Spring Weeks Can Make or Break Your Career

1. Significance of networking

Networking can transform the graduate job search. From getting inside contacts to gaining essential top tips for interviews, networking is the tool to transform the graduate job search from rejections to acceptances. Networking is essential and really can transform the job search but it should not be limited to networking within the university sphere. Networking with already employed graduates is equally as useful. Networking with already established partners is even better. Do not limit yourself to the university setting. University is the stepping stone between A-levels and employment, so focus on the employment section too. Read about Faraz Kashif who benefitted from the transformation of networking. 


2. Significance of LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is the greatest tool to go about networking, with OurInsights coming in as a close second, separate from university in the web of professional employment. Having a strong LinkedIn profile is the best way to go about this. Showing employers that you are serious and well-rounded. An example of this is a personal connection of mine, who had built his LinkedIn profile so strongly that he was headhunted by top investment banks having to turn down life-changing offers. His degree did not get him there. Nor his networking at university. It was his strong LinkedIn profile. Other people have managed to connect to firm reps at their own university which has assisted them in post-graduate employment and in building further connections. This is through the medium of LinkedIn creating a system where people are more important than just another student walking down the street. 

LinkedIn is the perfect tool for networking. Regarding my personal experiences with it, I have been approached by key people from a range of industries I had never even considered: eCommerce, cyber security, IT, tech and more. And, I have a relatively basic and small profile! The app connects people that you would not even think about speaking to. I have spoken to and networked with people from a vast range of industries: law, investment banking, IT, editing, accountancy, tax, tech consultancy, etc. I have gained invaluable information through networking on LinkedIn on topics that you just cannot find via Google. Another great personal example is connecting with recruiters of top investment banks like Deutsche Bank an J.P. Morgan, and top law firms like Clifford Chance. LinkedIn is the medium to hands-on advice from the best of the best. The knowledge you can get is second to none. 

We invited Juliana Camargo, a Social Selling Strategist and LinkedIn expert to host a workshop on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile. Whether you are searching for a new career opportunity, a business client or partners, Juliana will prepare you for every situation. Watch the recording of “Developing your professional brand with a LinkedIn specialist”, on ourEvents.

Another strength of LinkedIn is that it coincides with the mass working from home movement post-Covid in an era of increasingly media-based video-called work. 


3. Other ways to network externally: 

  • Attending events for companies → The Deutsche Bank rep for Durham University has told me that attending events for companies is an essential way to build further connections separate from the university setting. This gives you the best insight for post-graduate employment. 


  • Social Media: the new and forever expanding way to network. With the increasing work from home post-Covid, one can see how the digital world will continue expanding, subsequently pushing towards a hybrid system of work. This will force employment online and digitally. How your social media looks may be the new worry rather than what to wear to the first interview. 


4. What’s next? 

Now, you have the knowledge about why LinkedIn is so significant, give it a go. Connect with that recruiter, that graduate on the path you want to be on, that person who does the job you’re scared to do. If you are unsure about how to go about connecting, read Use These Three Templates To Stand Out To Recruiters

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