31 January 2022

How networking could land you your dream job before you graduate

🌐 This hidden benefit to networking will transform your university experience to prepare you for graduate life.
Emsal Ali

Emsal Ali

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One of the most important aspects of the university, outside the degree, is networking. One can gain invaluable information as well as work and personal relationships that can prove to be essential post-university.

1. Getting the insider info of companies

You can obtain some really important tips for your degree, your role in society, your future prospects, how to get that spring week, that summer internship, that placement, if your network correctly. Those tips may be the thing that gets you that job. If you’re lucky and manage to gain some top tips from inside sources within particular companies, it is very possible that those tips, could be the difference between getting that job or not.

If not post-university employment – because there is more to life than work – then you could gain good tips for your degree, your society, etc. 


2. Social skills

Socialising is the crux of the university process from asking for lecture notes, sports,  clubbing, parties, socials, societies, balls, and other events. 

Networking with people in your degree, and your potential field will allow you to tailor yourself appropriately for what will be necessary during employment. There is not enough emphasis on this point. Tailoring yourself correctly to the people you will work with will force you to be the ideal candidate during an interview, for example. You’ll know how to orient yourself properly.

It could also lead to some important relationships which could potentially be very helpful and useful at any point during employment post-university. 


3. Co-operation vs. competition

Another important part of networking internally within the university is to surround yourself with like-minded people.

If you’re mixing with people within your degree or within a field which you might enter into post-university, you’ll most definitely be surrounded by like-minded people. This applies to the previous point where you’ll be able to tailor yourself correctly to these people. This is an important part of the post-university experience.

Alternatively, you’ll also have an understanding of the competition for both the degree and the profession after university. This is probably more important as you’ll know how to make yourself stand out and how to go that extra mile where necessary to make yourself look more attractive. This is crucial! 


4. Staying up-to-date 

Additionally, by networking within your university you can keep up to date with recent events within the university. Doing a degree is hard, busy, and you’re not expected to know everything that is going on outside of your course. Follow that society on Instagram, get the chair’s Instagram. Actively keep up to date so you do not miss out on golden opportunities.

Perhaps, the company you want to work for is doing a presentation, or your subject is organising a social event for everyone to meet each other. Things like this have to be taken advantage of as frequently as possible.


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