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Meet 👋

Malaika Francique

Graphic design Intern at Apple

Whilst studying Creative computing, Malaika secured a Graphic Design Internship on the Apple TV team. Whilst at Apple she joined the [email protected] society, where she spoke about how large corporations like Apple can improve on inclusion and diversity.


The Process of a successful work experience

Malaika recommends you listen to this podcast where we provide an insight into how you can make the most out of your work experience!

Application process

1 Online Application
2 Portfolio review
3 Assessment Day
Online Application

Online Application

You're required to submit your CV and a Cover Letter at the first stage of the application process. The Cover Letter consisted of a few questions.

How to respond for success
As I was applying for an entry-level design role, I made sure to include all my relevant design roles, university projects, design hacks and even my part-time job and how that had helped with improving my interpersonal skills. Apple is a huge company that will receive many applications so when answering questions I tried to be as concise and unique as possible in order to stand out. Always make sure you're thinking outside of the box and being forward-thinking.

Expect a 1-month wait before progressing to the next stage.

Portfolio review

Portfolio review

If your CV and Cover letter are successful, you will be required to send over your portfolio too.

How to respond for success
If you feel as though you don't have many design projects, focus on quality over quantity and make sure those design projects you do have are detailed. You'll usually have to go through your portfolio with whoever is hiring you (in most design roles), so make sure that you're confident with speaking through your work too.

Expect a 1-month wait before progressing to the next stage.

Assessment Day

Assessment Day

The final stage is the assessment day. This may take up the whole day, consisting of group activities followed by individual interviews.

How to respond for success
There's not much preparation to do as you aren't told exactly what you'll be taking part in for the day. My advice is to come across confident but not overconfident. Make sure your ideas are heard but make sure you're open to hearing others too. Be as active as possible, make friends and just enjoy yourself too!

Expect a 1-month wait before progressing to the next stage.

Malaika also secured her position at Sky as a Junior UI Designer.


Focus points

Based on this insight and others like it, we recommend to focus on the areas below when preparing for your application. The longer the bar, the more important that skill is for you to maximise your chances of having a successful application.

Soft skills 🗣

Customer service

Hard skills 👨‍💻

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Xd
Adobe Photoshop

Knowledge 🧠

Digital media
Visual arts
Graphic design


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