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Malaika Francique

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Whilst studying Creative computing, Malaika secured a Junior UI design internship at Sky. She was looking to transition from a Graphic Design role to a UI role and focus more on user experience and designing interfaces.


Goldsmiths, University of London

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Online Application

You're required to submit your CV and have the option to send a cover letter too.

Expect a 1 - 4 week wait before advancing to the next stage


Malaika recommends you have a listen to Episode #4 - The Process of a successful work experience. See how you can make the most out of your work experience!

How to respond for success

Although it was optional, I did submit a cover letter. I like to use my cover letter to tell the company what I like about them / their products and how I can contribute as a designer.

Portfolio Review

If your CV is successful, you'll be asked to submit a Portfolio. I hadn't had a UI role previously, therefore I only had group UI projects from University to refer too.

How to respond for success

I made sure to focus on what I worked on within the group projects at uni, and how the overall projects came together as a team effort. I still included Graphic design projects that I had worked on, also any self-initiated projects and made sure that I made it clear as to why I wanted to get into UI design and my interest in the Product Design field. I also think it's important to share parts of your personality at this stage, as the interviewer hasn't met you face-to-face yet. I included some of my interests within my CV and this was reflected mostly in my self-initiated projects.

Expect a 1 - 4 week wait before advancing to the next stage

Design Task

The final stage of the application process was to complete a UI Design task.

How to respond for success

Once you get your brief set, be super open minded and make sure you go through the design process correctly. if you have previous design projects, use that to guide you through. You'll most likely be presenting your design task back to your hiring managers so make sure you're confident in talking them through your work and how you came to your final design idea.

Expect a 3 - 4 week wait before being offered the job!

Soft skills



Customer Service

Knowledge of the sector

Digital Media

Visual Arts

Graphic Design

Hard skills

Adobe Ai

Adobe Xd

Adobe Ps