OCT 23, 2021

🚀 Want to stand out to graduate employers like Ernst & Young, Deloitte and PwC? You're in the right place - these tips about the recruitment process might help.

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How to use the STAR interview method for finance interviews
⭐️ Learn how to smash your next finance interview by using this technique properly.
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Sarina Mann
Sarina is a Presentation Coach and hosts online group coaching programmes for tertiary level students...
How to increase your chances of landing an Internship in M&A
💸 A role in M&A can be extremely lucrative. However, it is a fiercely competitive space, so why not learn...
#5 - Be the winning candidate: Where do you see yourself in five years' time?
🔮 Read how to answer the "Where do you see yourself five years from now?" interview question, to show...
placement year
How to apply for a placement year
😎 Placement year applications can seem daunting, so why not learn a tip or two from someone who secured...
Consultancy: The different types and what they are
🌐 Read to find out about one of the fastest growing industries and figure out which one is for you!

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How to sustain a healthy body as an Events Manager
🗓4 key actions anyone working in events can do to show leadership and responsibility.
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#3 – Be the winning candidate: What are your greatest weaknesses?
🤕 Read how to answer the "What are your greatest weaknesses" interview question, to dodge the bullet...
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Telenor Equity Research Report 2022
📞 Read how Telenor, the hidden Telecom giant based in Norway, is facing major problems in its international...
SPIN Selling – Interview with Neil Rackham
🎙 FlowState provides an exclusive interview with Neil Rackham who has left the biggest mark on sales...
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Day in the Life as a Sony Finance Placement student
👨‍💻 We interviewed a finance placement student who reveals the culture and experience working at Sony.
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An introduction to teamwork and the skills you need to succeed
🤝 Teamwork is a crucial component when applying for internships and graduate roles. Read how you can...

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