Partnerships Manager 🤝

As one of our Partnership Managers, you will play an instrumental part in building key strategic partnerships with other organisations and thought leaders.


This is what you will be doing

Build up a network on LinkedIn in order to prospect potential organisations or groups that would benefit from the site.

Engage confidently with senior group members in order to effectively grow ourGen’s user base.

Execute effective outreach calls with group presidents by providing effective discovery, demo and close.

Supplement the implementation of the society or organisation on the platform by providing solutions to possible objections.

Ensure click-up processes on CRM are complete effectively.


You’ll fit great with these skills and values

The ability to understand user personas in order to pick out key personnel, events and groups.

Have an outcome-based mindset to provide effective solutions to members.

Previous experience in an outward-facing role in which liaising with customers/clients is key.

Willingness to learn, develop new skills and self-improve.

The ability to manage professional relationships with those both within the department and a team as a whole.


What makes ourGen awesome

ourGen’s team is young and exciting, operating globally and advised by industry-leading professionals who have had over 75+ years of experience, raising upwards of $750m, bringing with them experiences and knowledge working at Google, Intel, Microsoft and other IPOs. See ourTeam here.

As a start-up, we are currently raising investment which will unlock ample opportunities for competitive salaries and a chance to grow with the company to senior positions. In a rapidly paced working environment, the company is always looking to adapt and change, so this position will be enjoyed by someone who is creative and constantly looking for something new.