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Rhea Poonevala

Technology Placement at Caterpillar

Whilst studying Information Technology Management in Business, Rhea secured an IT placement at Caterpillar in the UK. She found that by presenting for university group projects helped her communication skills to become successful in the final interview.


Securing a successful placement at Caterpillar.

Rhea provides more in-depth insights and tips so you can follow her footsteps in securing a position in IT.

Application process

1 Online Application
2 Online Questionnaire
3 Telephone Interview
Online Application

Online Application

This is the initial stage of the recruitment process. You are required to create an account on the Caterpillar system and fill out your contact details, background and work experience. You will also be asked to submit your CV with a cover letter. In the cover letter, you should focus on the role you are applying for, the experience you have with the role and why you have chosen to apply to the company.

Expect a 1 to 2-month wait before progressing to the next stage.

Online Questionnaire

Online Questionnaire

If successful during the first stage, Caterpillar will send you a link to a mandatory questionnaire. You must complete 7 questions within 24 hours. All questions have a limit of 250 words. The questions focus on your interest in Caterpillar, your experiences and your achievements.

Example TaskΒ 
A typical question that can be asked is: "Please explain why you have chosen to apply to Caterpillar and what has attracted you to your chosen role." Or, "Describe a time at work or university when you needed to complete several things at the same time. How did you plan and ensure your work was completed?"

How to respond for success
When answering the questions, be as open as possible. Take this as an opportunity to talk about various experiences or skills you have developed that will be relevant for the role. Aim to not repeat yourself, have a different focus on each question, enabling the reader to get to know you better.

Expect a 1-month wait before progressing to the next stage.

Telephone Interview

Telephone Interview

This is the next stage in the recruitment process. You will receive an email that provides the arrangements for a phone call with a recruitment manager. The call focuses on discussing the placement scheme you have applied for and your application. This call is quite informal and is more of a conversation for you to understand the placement scheme better and for the company to ask a few questions regarding your application

How to respon.d for success
When answering the questions, be yourself! Be sure to keep track of previous answers in your application, as part of the discussion will be to discuss your application so far. Be inquisitive, and use this opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of the placement scheme!

Expect a 3 to 4-week wait before receiving your offer.

Focus points

Based on this insight and others like it, we recommend to focus on the areas below when preparing for your application. The longer the bar, the more important that skill is for you to maximise your chances of having a successful application.

Soft skills πŸ—£


Hard skills πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Data Analytics

Knowledge 🧠

Information technology
Database management


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