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Meet 👋

Taha Naveed

Spring Intern at Goldman Sachs

Whilst studying BSc Chemistry with Mathematics, Taha secured a spring week in Global Markets at Goldman Sachs in the London office. He found that attending firm-hosted talks helped them secure their position.


An introduction to mergers & acquisitions

Taha recommends you listen to this podcast where we provide a basic introduction into M&A theory and provide some real life examples!

Application process

1 Online Application
2 HireVue Interview
Online Application

Online Application

This process is very straightforward. ARM only requires you to submit a CV and answer some simple personal information questions, such as education and address. 

How to respond for success
For my cover letter, I highlighted some recent trades the firm made and how attending a talk hosted by a partner at GS motivated me to apply. I also always list my personal skills and accomplishments at the bottom in a paragraph to explain why I am a good fit.

Expect a 2 to 4-month wait before progressing to the next stage.

HireVue Interview

HireVue Interview

This lasted around 30 minutes, and I prepared by ensuring I had a news article to talk about. As always, I made sure I was expressive and emotive in my answers. The interview is split into 5 separate questions, where you record yourself answering each one. You get around 20/30 seconds to prepare an answer before you have to answer each question.

Example Task 
Generally, they were situation based: one referenced a report being finished and missing some important details but with a looming deadline: what would you do in this situation? Expect other questions to be along the lines of ‘Why do you want to work at Goldman Sachs?’.

How to respond for success
Be honest as some questions are essentially a verbal SJT, and make sure you are structuring your answers. For competency-based questions this means following the STAR technique. (Situation, Task, Action, Result). I would also advise you to read up on Goldman's core values, and do in-depth research into the division you're applying for. Being able to show good commercial awareness, and talk about recent deals of your applied division will stand you in good stead.

Expect a  2 to 3-week wait before receiving your offer.

Taha also secured his position at Lazard as a Spring Intern.

Focus points

Based on this insight and others like it, we recommend to focus on the areas below when preparing for your application. The longer the bar, the more important that skill is for you to maximise your chances of having a successful application.

Soft skills 🗣

Problem solving

Hard skills 👨‍💻


Knowledge 🧠

Asset management
Global markets


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