6 March 2022

Use these 7 tips in your interview to impress the recruiter

🤩 This is a quick guide that will help you to succeed during interviews and impress your interviewer.
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1. Research the company thoroughly and show interest

It is crucial to prove to the recruiter you have done your research before the interview. Why? Many job seekers apply to a wide variety of companies without knowing anything about them. Thus, if you want to stand out and get hired faster, you need to have bulletproof reasons for wanting that particular job.

You should find a lot of information about the company’s mission, values, culture, and recent achievements on its website & annual report. If the company has a social media presence, it is highly worthwhile having a look there too. Don’t forget to read also the latest news in the ourGen ourResources library!

2. Emphasize the ability to learn quickly 

Employers want to know how quickly you can get “up to speed” and start contributing. Mention examples of similar works you have done in your previous experiences and talk about your willingness to continue to learn more about the industry… And don’t forget to explain why!! You need to prove it. Saying things like, “I’m a fast learner in general,” is NOT convincing.

Show them it will take you very little time to start being a productive member of their team!

3. Demonstrate your curiosity and critical thinking

Asking questions is extremely important in any interview: this shows employers your attention to detail and sets your career expectations.

Try to ask 2-3 questions to each person you speak to in an interview. You can ask about the company, the culture, and, most importantly – the job itself. These are some of the examples of questions you could ask:

What do you like most about working here?

What kind of leadership and personal development training do you offer?

When you offer me the job, what are my next steps to prepare myself for the new position?

4. Show your leadership skills

Even if you are not applying for a top-end managerial role, companies still want to hire LEADERS! Why? Because they want someone who can grow in their organization and someone who can lead projects and take work and eventually lead projects.

Leadership is not only useful if you manage people directly: you can step up when your boss needs you to handle an emergency. Or you can take the initiative on your own work and accomplish as much as possible without outside help. That’s a form of leadership too!

5. Share examples of teamwork

Although I mentioned how important it is to be a good leader, working in a team is one of the qualities employers want the most.

An interviewer wants to hear how you have worked in a team in the past and how your team succeeded: consider sharing past experiences of working with a team to show the employer your collaboration, empathy and communication skills. Develop your communication skills by reading The 4 types of communication you should know to work in a team where we highlight key examples and practice tips for you to prepare for your interview.

6. Ask: “What can I do to excel in this position”?

Asking your interviewer what you can do to excel in the position you applied for emphasizes your desire to succeed in their company and shows that you are extremely committed to continuous learning.

Besides meeting the minimum requirements for the position, your desire to excel further can incredibly help you to stand out among the other applicants.

At the same time, ask this simple question during the interview process to gauge what it will be like to work with a particular manager – and to check for any red flags. Indeed, It can be tough to see the signs of a toxic boss during the selection process and whatever response they give you, that is what they are looking for in a candidate! For example:

What are your current challenges and what can I do to solve them?

Can you tell me about the most successful person you have ever hired and what exactly they did to be successful?

7. One last question: “What is next”?

Right before the end of your interview, take your chance to leave one last great impression of yourself and ask: “What are the next steps?”

As simple and straightforward as it sounds, wanting to have your application process under control end-to-end showcases once again your well-structured and goal-oriented mentality, besides reconfirming your keen interest in the position.

It is very important for you to demonstrate how outstanding you are and how you differ from other applicants – this will save you from a lot of anxiety!

For instance, if they say that you can expect to hear from them in 5-7 business days, you won’t be anxiously waiting each day… and you can focus on getting more job interviews until then!

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